has announced a September 2021 rebrand into, as the ambitious crypto start-up looks to evolve to become a major player in the world of digital money and finance. Along with a new brand mantra and branding,’s evolution into is set to encompass new crypto services, while supporting a smooth transition for existing users of the exchange. is set to position itself as a serious player in the next phase of the crypto and DeFi revolution. new Exchange Exchange rebrands into ahead of Exciting Relaunch Exchange is rebranding to on September 29th 2021, with the rebranding encompassing the acronym of “Free the Money, Free the World.”

According to Danish Chaudhry, the CEO, the rebrand of exchange to, is a reflection of a wider strategy that the company has, aimed at achieving a vision of constant customer experience improvement and becoming a global power in the crypto currency and DeFi world.

The rebrand, will see the well-known Exchange, transform into a platform with a cutting-edge new look and fresh brand identity – a crucial factor for the company’s success, as the world increasingly becomes aware of cryptocurrency.

According to Danish Chaudhry, the timing is perfect for to take itself to the next level, having achieved remarkable success since launching two years ago, in Summer 2019. In this period, the brand has gained over 1.2 million new users, supported several billions in trading volume, and processed in excess of 100 million transactions. During market peaks, the exchange has had custody of over $227 million in crypto assets.

The rebrand to is designed to support the sustained adoption of crypto across the world, with the carefully selected branding of “Free the Money, Free the World, seen as the perfect marketing message. According to Chaudhry, cryptocurrencies are innately positioned to put the power back into the hands of the ‘people’, while reducing the leverage power of banks. is seeking to become a power player in the digital money revolution, building on the back of two years of dynamic industry changes. As expressed by Chaudhry, the industry is rapidly evolving as we head towards 2022, and now’s the time to help onboard more new users than ever before, while offering maximum confidence, security and a smooth journey to enhanced monetary liberty:

“Within the two years since our launch, we’ve witnessed tremendous changes in the crypto industry. DeFi has come to flourish, and more and more people have started using crypto. We believe that with our rebranding, we show that we’re in it for the long run. We strive to help people buy their first crypto, enter the ecosystem safely, and join us on the journey to free the money, free the world.” 

Since launching two years ago, Exchange has developed a strong reputation for enabling fast and simple access to cryptocurrency trading, globally, offering a large range of spot-markets across Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, and an array of other digital assets. The rebrand into will extend the markets available, while supporting continued security via  2-FA, IP white-listing and cold storage. The lightening fast API will continue to offer world-class trading bot integration, with support in at least five languages and 24/7 support. The recent $15,000 wLITI Trading Competition, has also showcased the brands appeal to the crypto market, so user can expect some exciting promotion initiatives, following the full transition.

New & Existing Users Welcomed to

The new rebrand from Exchange, will feature a slick new green and black style, designed to represent stability and freshness – paying homage to the dynamic and emerging crypto industry. Similarly, the rebranded logo, is based on a cycle metaphor for cash flow, movement, rapid action, transparency, honesty and good decision making.

According to the brand, the new exchange is designed to make it virtually seamless for existing users of Exchange to continue as normal, in addition to making the on-boarding process smooth, for new users.

Fundamentally, for a short period, visitors to Exchange will be automatically rerouted to the new domain. Existing users will be able to access services via the same log-in details are used previously on Exchange.

The new site will feature upgraded features and services, including the exchange platform, along with concepts such as a blog, news updates, podcast, crypto education, and more. Existing traders can log-in to using the same login details and 2-FA codes as were previously used to access Exchange accounts. All funds held in Exchange accounts, are completely safe during the rebrand, with unaffected custody systems.

Crown Sovereign (CSOV) Becomes First Listing on has announced that the Crown Sovereign (CSOV) will be the first listing on its rebranded exchange, from September 30th 2021.

The innovative next-generation CSOV currency , is a quantum-resistant cryptocurrency that delivers AI-powered cryptography in the form of random number generators and encryption coding. CSOV utilises a range of futuristic tools, from irrational numbers that transform classic cryptography, to evolved encryption products and development tools, perfectly complimenting the progressive vision of

Crown Sterling is itself aiming to transform the digital security market via AI and emerging tech, to bring personal data sovereignty to the world, with a key platform for its mission. is expected offer a growing range of emerging and established cryptocurrencies, as well as staking and exciting DeFi products through 2021 and into 2020 and beyond. Launch New Social Media Channels

Users of have announced a refreshed social media presence, with channels across Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, TG, and Medium. Along with enhanced crypto news and education services, the new upgrades are expected to enhance user experience for both new users, as well as previous Exchange account holders.

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The well-established is set for an exciting new era, following its September 2021 rebrand into – a move designed to position the brand at the forefront of the next phase of the crypto world’s mainstream evolution.