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Take our free crypto course to get up-to-speed with Blockchain, Bitcoin, Alts, and Crypto Finance

Whether you’re a complete crypto newbie, or more experienced speculator, our free Encryptedreviews Crypto Course, will decode the world of blockchain and digital currency. Our expert insight, covers all the crypto basics, then gradually immerses you into the more complex world of the emerging digital ecosystem. Our free Crypto Course is essential reading, if you’re looking to successfully trade crypto, HODL for the long-term, or just holistically prepare yourself for the future of finance.

Take the Crypto Course with four detailed sections

With our free Encryptedreviews Crypto Course, you can work your way through a comprehensive cryptocurrency syllabus, created by our expert team of crypto investors. Our free crypto course has been split into four sections, comprising sessions on:

Session 1: Blockchain

Session 2: Bitcoin

Session 3: Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins

Session 4: DeFi, Financial Applications and Regulations

Whatever you current level of crypto education, our free Crypto Course will up your knowledge and ensure you’re well positioned to start trading, investing and holding crypto securely.

Download Free Crypto Course

Download the Free Crypto Course here

Session 1: Learn Everything about Blockchain

Blockchain is increasingly likely to play at role in all our lives and is central to the digital economy and functionality of the holistic digital world. Our Crypto Course, begins with a deep dive on this key topic, taking you through basic blockchain concepts, and then delving into more complex topics.

The first phase of our Crypto Course, will teach you about blockchain ledgers, plus the uses of blockchain (from NFTs to Real Estate). You’ll also uncover why investing in blockchain, whether via crypto coins, pools, or directly, may be an incredible opportunity.

  • Blockchain basics
  • Ledger technology
  • Blockchain uses
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain cryptography
  • Investing in blockchain

If you’re ready to begin our Crypto Course and delve into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies – get started here. You”ll be up-to-speed on Blockchain in no time, and ready to progress to session two – Bitcoin.

Session 2: Learn Everything about Bitcoin

When learning about crypto currencies, it’s still best to start with Bitcoin, which is why section two of our Crypto Course, is focussed on the mother of all cryptos. Our Bitcoin curriculum, takes you on a journey that includes insight into the currency’s history, mining mechanics and price structure. Next, we’ll compare BTC to the competition, looking at its long-term prospects, stacked-up against other up and coming crypto projects. Finally, along with some fun BTC facts, we’ll look at Bitcoin metrics, including price, market caps, supply and future projections.

  • Bitcoin basics
  • BTC mining mechanics
  • BTC prices and supply
  • Bitcoin metrics
  • Fun BTC facts

From Bitcoin Pizza Day, to cutting-edge BTC price projections, our free Crypto Course will get your up-to-speed on the coin that remains central to the cryptocurrency industry. Start your free Crypto Course here, take lessons one and two – and then progress to lesson three – Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins.

Session 3: Other Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins and Crypto Services

Bitcoin remains integral to the cryptocurrency world, but the rise of altcoins is creating competition for BTC, with new generation blockchains and a diverse range of use cases from alts. The third section of our free Crypto Course, will give your an in-depth insight into Cyptocurrencies and Altcoins.

One you reach this phase of our Crypto Course, you’ll have a solid knowledge base, allowing you to easily grasp the potential of different crypto projects and currencies, such as Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin. This phase of the crypto corse, also covers KPIs for cryptocurrencies, including market cap, 24h volume, transactions, exchange rates, average confirmation time and network hashing. You’ll also up your knowledge base, when it comes to crypto financial services, including exchanges, wallets, merchant processing and adoption.

  • Cryptocurrency & alt basics
  • Top alts
  • Crypto KPIs
  • Financial services & crypto
  • Crypto wallets & exchanges
  • Crypto for merchants

You can get started instantly with our free Crypto Course and up your knowledge and confidence, when it comes to cryptocurrency and alts. Start your free Crypto Course, take lessons 1-3 – and then progress to lesson four – Financial Applications.

Session 4: Financial Applications

Crypto coins such as Bitcoin are growing in mainstream penetration, with the mainstream media now actively  seeding the population, for a digital future. However, it’s only savvy crypto investors, who currently understand the huge financial applications that crypto and blockchains are likely to have on the world.

The fourth and final phase of our Crypto Course, will teach you about crypto and blockchain’s Financial Applications, from DeFi versus traditional finance, to the world of smart contracts, central bank digital currencies and crypto regulation across the globe.

  • Decentralised finance & DeFi
  • Central banks vs Cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto regulations
  • Crypto hotspots around the world
  • Blockchain & crypto connection
  • Crypto quiz
  • Crypto Q&A

Our deep dive into finance is the ideal way to finish off our free Crypto Course, giving you a complete overview of this dynamic aspect of the new digital world. Start our free Crypto Course now.

Crypto Course FAQs

What does our Crypto Course financial application section contain?2021-06-24T08:03:41+00:00

The fourth and final section of our free Crypto Course, is all about Financial Applications in the cryptosphere. The course finishes off by looking at decentralised finance & DeFi, central banks and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency regulations, crypto locations around the world, and blockchain and crypto interaction. There’s also crypto quiz to test your knowledge, plus a crypto question and answer, to complete the course.

What does our Crypto Course Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins section contain?2021-06-24T08:02:10+00:00

The third section of our free Crypto Course, is focussed on Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins. This phase of the curriculum, deep dives on cryptocurrency & alt basics, leading alt coins, crypto KPIs, financial services and crypto, wallets and crypto exchanges, and the crypto merchant niche. The alt coin market is dynamic and offers real potential when it comes to hedging your BTC investment, creating a diverse portfolio, and potentially finding projects with the potential for huge gains in value.

What does our Crypto Course bitcoin section contain?2021-06-24T07:59:23+00:00

The second section of our free Crypto Course, is centred on Bitcoin fundamentals. This part of the course, covers topics including, Bitcoin basics, Bitcoin mining and mining farms, BTC market prices and supply, Bitcoin metrics, and some interesting BTC facts. Bitcoin remains central to the crypto world and this section will help you decide whether BTC remains a good long-term investment, or possibly a coin to trade.

What does our Crypto Course blockchain section contain?2021-06-24T07:58:08+00:00

The first section of our free Crypto Course, is focussed on Blockchain and will take you through blockchain fundamentals, ledger tech, blockchain use cases, cryptocurrencies, cryptography and blockchain investing. Blockchain is fundamental to the crypto industry and integral to understanding the digital world. Take our Crypto Course to quickly master the blockchain basics.

Is Encryptedreviews Crypto Course free?2021-06-24T07:57:34+00:00

Yes. Our Encryptedreviews Crypto Course is completely free and can be accessed through our site or using this link. Our Crypto Course is 100% free, but it will give you great value, if you’re looking to enhance your crypto knowledge and become a crypto investor or trader.

What does our Crypto Course contain?2021-06-24T07:56:13+00:00

Our Encryptedreviews Crypto Course, contains everything needed to to gain a solid foundation of cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge. Split into four sections, the Crypto Course has phases focussed on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Altcoins, and Financial Applications. Whether you’re looking to buy crypto for the first time, purchase your first cold wallet, up your existing crypto knowledge, hold crypto long-term, or trade the digital markets – our Crypto Course has you covered.

What is Encryptedreviews Crypto Course?2021-06-24T07:53:57+00:00

The Encryptedreviews Crypto Course is a full course in cryptocurrency and blockchain basics. Designed for crypto newbies, as well as more experienced crypto traders and investors, our course is a great crypto introduction to the cryptosphere, or a quick way to up your existing knowledge. Signing-up to our Crypto Course is fast and free – get started now and begin your road to cryptocurrency mastery.

What is a hashrate?2022-02-08T11:01:40+00:00

A Hash Rate is important for miners. It refers to the processing power required to write (or hash) transactions onto the blockchain. A high hash rate means the miners system is able to hash quickly which in turn means they are able to calculate more ‘proof of work puzzles’ and thus solve the ‘puzzle’ and be the one who is reward with Bitcoin for writing the transaction and verifying it on the blockchain. 

What is a white paper?2022-02-08T11:01:56+00:00

A white paper  is an informational document, usually issued by a blockchain driven company to share public information about their site. Think of it like a public pitch. The rise of white papers emerged mostly during 2016-2019 when ICOs (Initial coin offerings – like IPOs but not listed on a stock exchange) became a popopular way of funding a project. A white paper was meant to share all business insights to entice prospective investors to invest in the project.