Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Payment Methods

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Bitcoin Casino Deposits – Everything you need to know about depositing with bitcoin and crypto

As the digital asset and cryptocurrency industries hot-up, increasing numbers of online casino and sports bettors are starting to deposit and play using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking for an edge, betting using bitcoin is now fast, secure and offers some intriguing advantages. This week we’re deep-diving into the world of bitcoin casinos, to give you an insight into this growing trend, plus tips on bitcoin casino wallets, crypto gambling advantages and tips on maximising the potential of BTC casino gaming.

Casino Bitcoin Deposits

How to Play Online Casinos with bitcoin

If you’re a bitcoin and crypto investor who also likes playing online casino games, then playing at the best bitcoin casinos might be something to consider. It might mean putting a little of your precious crypto into your casino account, but getting lucky could see you boost your crypto holdings – a double win if the price of BTC also rises at the same time.

Playing at bitcoin casinos with crypto is simple – but here’s a quick-start guide if you’re seeking more information before picking a crypto casino and depositing bitcoin:

Select crypto-ready casinos

Before you can play at an online casino or sportsbook using bitcoin, you need to ensure you’ve selected a brand that offers BTC deposits and wagering (plus any other cryptos that you’re interesting in depositing and betting). Adoption of crypto is relatively advanced in the online gambling industry, particularly with casinos. However, unsurprisingly, smaller brands are often ahead of the curve in many cases, versus big brand casinos that are often lagging behind niche industry-trends. Fortunately there are plenty of high quality and fully-licenced crypto casinos such as Betchain, which you can read about in our comprehensive bitcoin casino reviews.

Deposit using bitcoin at an online casino

Depositing at bitcoin casinos and playing games with crypto funds is fast and easy. Sites like Betchain offer a range of top crypto deposits and wagering – including BTC, LTC, ETH, DOG, BCH and USDT. Minimum crypto deposits are usually set around the 0.0001 BTC  level, although it’s recommended to check a casino’s requirements before signing-up and starting the deposit process. If you’ve sent crypto before, then you’ll already be familiar with how to deposit bitcoin and crypto into a casino account; just log-in to your account, click “Add Currency” and copy the BetChain address; then add the address to your wallet payment box, pick the amount and instantly activate the transaction. Many casinos such as BetChain, also let you deposit in fiat currency and convert your funds into bitcoin.

Withdraw your bitcoin winnings

When it comes to withdrawing from bitcoin casinos, it’s just as easy as making a deposit; just swipe the QR code to manually enter your crypto wallet address. The only caveats to withdrawing crypto, is making sure you’re aware of any minimum withdrawal amounts and meeting any bonus terms that are applicable to an offer you’ve selected (e.g. withdrawing bonus winnings may not be possible prior to meeting wagering requirements, or may invalidate an in-play bonus such as free spins or bonus funds).

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

One big incentive to play at crypto casinos is the bitcoin bonus offers, which in some cases are much bigger than standard casino bonuses.

Take the current 1xBit Casino bonus, which offers you a 100% first deposit welcome bonus up to the value of 1BTC, with four deposit bonuses worth up to Seven bitcoins.

Even if bitcoin isn’t approaching all-time-highs when you claim a bonus, these are very large bonus offers than few players will ever need to max-out. Most bitcoin and crypto bonuses are very flexible when it comes to how much bonus can  be claimed, making them ideal whether you’re a small stakes causal player, or much higher-roller.

Top Bitcoin Crypto Wallets

When playing at bitcoin casinos, you’ll need a compatible crypto casino wallet. Although some casinos let you deposit fiat via a card and then convert into crypto without a wallet, you’ll still need to get a wallet if you want to withdraw any crypto winnings. Most crypto casinos support a variety of top crypto wallets such as Neteller; here are five top options to fund your casino account with bitcoin:

  1. Neteller: Fast crypto casino wallet from a globally trusted brand
  2. Coinbase wallet: Fund casino gaming via the famous Coinbase wallet
  3. wallet: 38+ cryptos, top rewards & fast crypto casino option
  4. Ledger: Classic cold storage casino funding option
  5. Trezor: Hardware & web wallet casino funding

The choice of wallet is really down to personal preference, with many good options available. You may also want to think about having a crypto wallet specifically for your casino gaming.

Pros & Cons of Playing Casinos with Bitcoin

Playing with crypto like bitcoin in online casinos is really starting to trend among online gamblers, casino fans and sports bettors. Depositing with your crypto has some distinct advantages, but it’s worth weighing-up the pros and cons of playing with digital assets, versus classic fiat currencies.

Convert fiat into crypto without impacting your main crypto holdings

One reason some casino players are wary of playing with crypto in casinos, is in case they lose some of their precious assets. However, you never have to risk your main holdings – simply buy some BTC with the fiat funds you’d normally deposit into a casino; then deposit your crypto into your casino account. For example, if you have 0.5 BTC in Coinbase that you want to HODL, you could top-up with $250 and then deposit the funds into a casino wallet.

Big bonuses

Bitcoin casinos are offering some incredible bonus offers and it’s easy to find brands offering welcome bonuses in excess of 1-5 BTC. Of course, casinos themselves are keen to increase their bitcoin holdings given the long-term potential for price gains, so they’re keen to get players using bitcoin. But if you get lucky in casinos using crypto, their bonus offers can be much bigger than standard casino bonuses and therefore have the potential to be great for crypto holders. As noted above – you do not need to play with your main crypto holdings.

Crypto only games

Online casinos are increasingly making some crypto-only games, offering you the chance to enjoy some exclusive casino action, when you play with crypto. From bitcoin slots to intriguing gambling games such as dice, switching from fiat to crypto offers you some new twists in the casino.

Losing on BTC price rises

If you play with bitcoin and lose in a casino and the market price of bitcoin rises, then you’ll lose the gains plus the the money spent in the casino. In other words, if you deposit BTC when the price of bitcoin is $35,000 and lose $100’s worth of the crypto, but in the time period bitcoin rises to $40,000, then you won’t benefit from the price rise if you lose funds in the casino.

Gaining more BTC

In contrast, if you don’t lose any BTC in the casino and hopefully get some winnings, then you can withdraw BTC and end-up with more bitcoin holdings (e.g. if you deposit $500 in BTC and make $200 profit, then you’ll have more crypto in your wallet after withdrawing). Getting lucky in the casino can also see you gain twice if the price of crypto also rises.

Bitcoin scams

Playing at unregulated crypto casinos could see you subject to bitcoin fraud. Fortunately by playing at full-licenced and regulated casinos like those in our verified bitcoin casino list, you can play with maximum trust and security. We strongly advise never playing at casinos that are not full regulated.

Play with micro bets

Although bitcoin casinos offer the potential of huge crypto bonuses for high-rollers, they also tend to offer casual players the chance to play with very low bets. Thanks to each BTC having 100 million satoshis, you can often find games take can be played with bets of one satoshi – a fraction of a standard fiat bet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Depositing with Bitcoin or Crypto at Online Casinos

Bitcasino Banner FAQ

Are there special bitcoin casino games?2022-01-27T16:56:27+00:00

Yes. You can now play thousands of classic casino games with crypto, but there’s also a new market for crypto-only casino games. Play at the best crypto sites and try exclusive crypto games such as dice and other innovative gambling games.

Do bitcoin casinos take other cryptos?2022-01-27T16:49:03+00:00

Yes. Many bitcoin casinos take a range of cryptocurrencies, with the most popular being BTC, BCH, ETH, DOG, USDT and LTC. Check our bitcoin casino reviews to see which currencies each casino supports.

What are the best crypto casino wallets?2022-01-27T16:26:45+00:00

You can fund your bitcoin casino gaming with an array of leading crypto wallets, including Neteller, Coinbase,, Ledger and Trezor. Our crypto wallet reviews will help you make the best choice.

How do I withdraw at bitcoin casinos?2022-01-27T16:02:18+00:00

Withdrawing on a bitcoin casino is really just the opposite method used to make a deposit – simply enter your withdrawal amount and then scan the QR codes to sync your casino and crypto wallets and process the transaction.

How do I deposit at bitcoin casinos?2022-01-27T16:57:25+00:00

To deposit at bitcoin casinos you need an accepted crypto wallet. You then just need to scan the QR codes or manually entered the addresses to sync your wallet with the casino and deposit funds. Deposing at bitcoin casinos is fast, easy and very secure. You can also convert fiat currency into crypto at many bitcoin casinos.

What are some of the advantages of bitcoin casinos?2022-01-27T13:51:37+00:00

Bitcoin casinos let you deposit and play with bitcoin and other top cryptos and claim some of the best casino bonus offers in the industry. You can also potentially make extra gains if the price of crypto goes up and you hit some casino wins. bitcoin transactions are also a fast and secure way of funding casino gaming if you play at fully-licensed casinos.

Can I claim bitcoin casino bonuses?2022-01-27T16:57:37+00:00

Absolutely! The amazing bonus offers from bitcoin casinos is a big reason you might want to consider depositing and playing with cryptos such as BTC. bitcoin casinos offers are generally very similar to standard casino welcome bonuses, such as 100% deposit match bonuses for new players. The difference is you need to deposit in bitcoin (or specified crypto) to receive your crypto bonus. Another difference with bitcoin casino bonuses versus standard bonuses, is that they’re often very generous, with bonuses of one or more bitcoins often featured! While these bitcoin casino bonuses are great for high rollers, they also have low minimum limits, making them accessible to players of every level, budget and risk profile.

Are bitcoin casinos safe and secure?2022-01-27T16:57:46+00:00

Yes. High quality bitcoin casinos are just as safe and secure as playing at classic casinos with fiat currency deposits, bets and withdrawals. In fact, thanks to bitcoins blockchain technology, funding your casino gaming with crypto is potentially more secure than ever. However, since crypto is an emerging industry, it’s highly recommended to only play at fully-regulated and licenced bitcoin casinos and to be wary of sites with a bad reputation or promoting potential scams. At Cerebral Gaming we only bring you the best crypto casinos, to let you play with maximum security and confidence.

How can I find the best bitcoin casinos?2022-01-27T13:11:36+00:00

You can find the best casinos yourself through trial and error and recommendations from other players. Alternatively you can use expert review sites to ensure you only play at bitcoin casinos that are safe, secure and high quality in terms of customer service, bonuses, games and payment processing. At Cerebral Gaming, our expert bitcoin casino reviews, give you safe and secure sign-up links to the best crypto casinos, including details of each casino’s latest bitcoin bonuses and bonus codes.

What is a bitcoin/ crypto casino?2022-01-27T16:58:00+00:00

Bitcoin casinos are normal online casinos that accept deposits, bets and withdrawals in bitcoin and often other cryptocurrencies. To play at a bitcoin casino you usually need to have an existing bitcoin or crypto wallet and swipe a QR code to deposit funds. Alternatively some bitcoin casinos let you convert fiat currency such as euros into bitcoin.