“Bridging the gap between gaming and crypto”

  • At Cerebral Gaming we’re building innovative incentives through crypto, for gamers around the world – this will be done via our own attention token built through an integration of Metamask and Twitch - backend work near 50 percent complete on our software

  • This innovation will also allow users to tip in any HRC-20 token – Streamers will be able to sign up with our service that will incentivize their audience growth through a paid service

  • One of our biggest outlets for advertising our products will be onboarding streamers to Cerebral Gaming full time – Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc. – Full time streamers will provide a portion of their ad revenue back to Cerebral Gaming which will in turn allow our team to do token buy-backs of the attention token and help fund further initiatives of the company

  • Our governance token CGD, which will be released in limited supply, will hold special benefits for users. Benefits include things such as voting rights, tournaments entries, NFT’s, merch discounts, profit sharing and more.

  • Partnerships are key to our growth in both the traditional gaming sector and the GameFi sector. Cerebral has already secured a major partnership with Versus Gaming, who are official partners with Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Riot Gaming. We are currently hosting monthly tournaments with cash prizes to build out brand awareness. We have also already partnered with quite a few large GameFi projects on the Harmony Blockchain and also expanding partnerships too other chains

  • We currently have a dedicated team of around 12 people, the core management team is fully doxxed