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Crypto Reviews

The Best Crypto Reviews 2024

This site is dedicated to crypto reviews of bitcoin casinos, crypto betting sites, crypto exchanges and crypto-wallets.

We write trusted crypto reviews, meaning we do not miss a thing. Unlike other crypto review sites we sign up to the bitcoin casino or crypto exchange like a normal user would and on the back of that we write fully comprehensive reviews, don’t believe us? We have video reviews to prove that we have a true player account with every single site we review here. We may not have the most reviews on the internet but we certainly have the most comprehensive. Further to this, our reviews include all things critical to know before signing up to any online casinos or crypto exchange, but we go one step further and include step by step how-to guides on how to get started and what to be cautious about in terms of fees or withdrawal times. We highlight what really matters to all players or traders. 

The devil is in detail, so details ahoy! Our bitcoin casino reviews and Crypto exchange reviews tell you everything from ownership, number of games, number of pairs, providers, fees, deposit methods, you name it, we cover it. Whatever you need to know, and lets be honest, you should know before getting started on bitcoin casinos and popular crypto exchanges we have it here. Now let’s get starting with bitcoin!

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Top 3 Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Bitcoin casinos are normal slot and table game casinos where you can use cryptocurrency to play, deposit and withdraw your winnings. Bitcoin Casinos allow for less KYC than normal online Casinos, which in some cases can be seen as a risk which is why we check them out on your behalf before you get started. Check out our top Bitcoin Casino picks.

Crypto Casino

Welcome Offer



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€1,200 or 2 BTC
+ 200 Free Spins

Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Sofort, ecoPayz, iDebit, Instadebit, Zimpler, Yandex, Qiwi, Alfa-Bank, Promsvyaz


€500 or 5 BTC
+200 Free Spins

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Skirll, Neteller, Paysafecard, Zimpler, WebMoneyRapid, ecoPayz, Cash to Code, Neosurf, Siru, MuchBetter, MiFinity, ecoVoucher, Interac, Coinspaid


+50 Free Spins

Visa, Mastercard, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Neosurf, Jeton, ecoVoucher, AstroPay, Interac, E-cashout, Sticpay, Skrill, Neteller, PayTM, Boleto, Loterías, Bank Transfer 


Top 3 Crypto Exchange Reviews

A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform where you can buy cryptocurrency and exchange it for others. Most cryptocurrency exchanges started off trading only crypto to crypto but as this kind of investment became more popular, crypto to fiat trading pairs were later introduced. Find our top picked Crypto Exchanges here.

Crypto Exchanges

Payment Methods


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Bank transfer (ACH & SEPA), Credit card, PayPal


Bank transfer (ACH & SEPA), Credit card, Faster Payments Service




Top 3 Crypto Wallets Reviews

Trezor and Ledger Nano are our among our top wallet reviews . Trezor is an intriguing software wallet which provides a number of varied features for crypto users. Ledger Nano is probably the top hardware wallet around and has all the security features one would expect in this area.

Bitcoin Wallet





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Cold Storage



Highest security

Live App

Ledger Nano S

Hardware/ Web

Cold Storage


BTC, LTC, DASH & 500+ cryptos


LED Screen

Trezor One

Mobile/ Desktop

Cold Storage



FIAT to Crypto transfer

Low Fees

Monthly Fee

Our Crypto Review Ethos

Our Crypto Reviews 

At Cerebral Gaming we offer a truly comprehensive review package that is second to none. We go into considerable detail on all aspects of the crypto exchange, crypto casino or crypto wallet including the signup process, how to deposit and withdraw as well as a detailed guide on trading. This makes it much easier for our readers to compare and contrast especially if they are beginners.

Our reviews are results of each and every site being tried and trusted by us! Who are we? We are gamblers, we are traders, we are human! Our reviews are written by real users, not only are we seasoned player we also come with industry experience. Yes, we’ve worked with some of the largest online gambling companies in the world at senior management level, so lets us brag a little here, we come with years of experience, we can spot a super bitcoin casino campaign or a piss poor one. We also know a thing or two about crypto, so we know a scam when we see one.

We will give you our honest opinion always, we are not biased by sponsorships because we will never accept sponsorship money from a company we dont believe in… full stop.

Consider us your crypto expert, who will be helping you on your way to buy your first bitcoin, explore a bitcoin casino or become a crypto trading pro. A little disclaimer though, we can not and will not give trading advice, we are not permitted or licensed to do so. So here is our first tip! Anyone offering investment advice online is a crypto scammer.

Our reviews are also structured in an easy to read manner and are also good for the seasoned enthusiast with a rating structure that also enables one to compare and evaluate.  

1. Overview

Here we give a quick overview of the product with a smattering of history, founding date and a short profile on ownership. There’s also a brief description of the product and its audience. 

2. Signing up

In this section, we provide a detailed guide on how to sign up, register or create an account with the crypto exchange, bitcoin casino or wallet.

3. Deposit

To get started on any of these products you will need to make a deposit or fund your account. Here we provide a guide on how to fund your account on these platforms including which payment methods are accepted.  

4. Player Experience

Our reviews focus on the player experience with regard to crypto casinos and on the experience with regards to exchanges where trading is concerned. We also outline a few aspects of these platforms with regard to speed and efficiency. 


We give an insight into where the casinos or exchanges are licensed and if possible also provide a brief overview of the said jurisdiction be it Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar. 

6. Rating

Our rating system is a no holds barred evaluation of various aspects on offer including Trust, Opportunities and Experience as well as an overall rating. 

Latest Crypto News 2024

We are in touch with the latest news in the crypto space through our extensive network of contacts and sources. We have the latest and most relevant news in the space including the funding and projects that are making the news and the latest developments in the arena. We’ll also have interviews with some top personalities.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Crypto

What is a Distributed Ledger technology /DLT?2021-01-12T16:18:42+00:00

DLT refers to distributed ledger technology, commonly referenced in the same way as a blockchain. A blockchain company would use DLT to power its ledger. DLT is a distributed database that is share across a network or computers either in a private or public network. 

What is a blockchain?2021-01-12T16:19:26+00:00

A Blockchain is a ledger of information, typically a record of transactions. Blockchains can be public or private, the former meaning that they are managed without centralised governance or controls but rather on proof of work, where as the later refers to a centralised body who would own the ledger. For example: Bitcoin is a public blockchain, IBM hyper ledger is a private blockchain. We also see hybrids of the two!  

What is a 51% attack?2021-01-12T16:20:09+00:00

A 51% attack is an assault on a blockchain by a group of miners who control more than 50% of the network’s mining hash rate. These attackers who have majority control of the network can interrupt the recording of new blocks by preventing other miners from completing blocks.

What is a public key?2021-01-12T16:20:54+00:00

A Public key is a string of letters and numbers that can be used to enable transactions to your private cryptocurrency wallet. Think of it like an IBAN, it points towards your wallet without exposing any personal or confidential information. 

What is a private key2021-01-12T16:21:18+00:00

A private key, is a personal password that enables access to a cryptocurrency account. It must be kept offline and private for full security purposes. Private keys play a crucial role in symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography and cryptocurrencies.

What are Alt coins?2021-01-12T16:21:56+00:00

Alt coins are all other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Typical examples of altcoins would be Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, IOTA and ZEC (Zcash). Altcoins also have whitepapers and are usually funded through ICO’s or Initial Coin Offerings.

What is Fiat?2021-01-12T16:22:25+00:00

Fiat is the term used to describe currencies used by countries and national central banks. So for example, the fiat currency of the United States is the US Dollar, the currency of the United Kingdom is Pound Sterling and that for China is the Chinese Renminbi Yuan.

Is Crypto trading regulated?2021-06-01T13:46:45+00:00

That’s quite a big question as regulation varies considerably across all countries. Dedicated regulation around cryptocurrency based business, such as crypto trading have been seen in countries like: Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, Switzerland, Delaware and other US states such as Wyoming. There’s also been a push for regulation in places such as Thailand and Vietnam where cryptocurrency is a popular patent method especially for those who don’t have bank accounts. Such regulatory setups are usually applicable to crypto exchanges, ICOs, brokers, wallet providers, advisers, and asset managers. Most countries have recognised crypto trading, but have not drafted new laws around it, rather they have opted to adhere crypto trading to their national securities and tradings laws. 



What is Crypto?2021-01-12T16:40:22+00:00

Crypto or for a more correct term, cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as exchange mediums. Individual ownership records are stored in a digital ledger or computerized database using strong cryptography thus securing transaction record entries. There are various cryptos apart from Bitcoin including Thereum, Ripple, EOS, ZCash, IOTA and many more.

What is a Bitcoin Casino?2021-01-12T16:41:15+00:00

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency or cryptocurrency. A Bitcoin casinos, is an online casino that can operate all over the globe, though they are supposed to be subject to local laws, and gambling regulation, they are often seen as being country agnostic. This is because bitcoin transactions are not tracked like normal Fiat (fiat are normally currencies we are used to like: EUR, GBP or USD). Bitcoin casinos offer a wide variety of options for players to bet using bitcoin instead of normal money on casino games, like slots, blackjack and so on.

What is a Crypto Exchange?2021-01-12T16:42:11+00:00

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms in which you can exchange or trade one kind of digital asset for another based on the market value of the given assets. The most popular exchanges are currently Binance and GDAX. It is important not to confuse cryptocurrency exchanges for cryptocurrency wallets or wallet brokerages.

What is a Crypto Wallet?2022-02-07T13:53:49+00:00

 Crypto wallets are devices or a medium, in which digital currency can be stored, while securely holding the public and/or private keys for transactions of crypto coins like BTC. They system interacts with various blockchain systems to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance. If you want to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you will need to have a digital wallet. There are different types of crypto wallets – hardware wallets, mobile wallets, paper wallets, desktop wallets, and web wallets, each with different features and pros/cons.

Is Crypto Safe2021-01-12T16:43:37+00:00

Crypto is as safe as the organisation who makes it and the individual who stores it. Never buy cryptocurrencies (alt coins) you have not done research on. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Always look at governance of the ledger or exchange you are buying from to see how the organisation plans to manage their coin storage. Storing crypto is also your responsibility, doing it safely requires a hard wallet and keeping your private keys safe.