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ZBX Crypto Exchange Review

In this post we give a non biased review of ZBX Crypto exchange and share details about features, fees and an overview of their site.

Disclaimer: Under NO circumstance should this review be interpreted as a recommendation to trade or an endorsement of a trading platform, supplier or of a specific cryptocurrency.

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QUICK FACTS – ZBX Crypto Exchange

Trading Pairs

Type: Trading platform/crypto exchange

Founder: Dave Pulis/Jimmy Zhao/Ian Dawson

Headquarters:  Malta

ZBX Crypto Exchange Review:

Overview of ZBX

ZBX is a cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, registered in Malta, and is primarily focused on the EMEA markets. 

ZBX is a seamless platform that enables a full suite of crypto and fiat products to enable Token projects like STOs, through to Institutional Investors.

The ZBX team has extensive experience in traditional financial service, IT and cryptocurrency sectors. The core team is located in Malta, Switzerland and Sweden.

ZBX is active with their external marketing and has openly disclosed that they are in the process of acquiring its Class 4 VFAA license from the MFSA

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ZBX crypto exchange review - logo
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Crypto Exchange Bonuses: Sign up bonus

Unfortunately at this time ZBX is not offering a sign up bonus

Trading on crypto exchange: ZBX

ZBX offers 15 Markets, to mention the core cryptocurrencies for example: Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC, Ripple/XRP,Dash/DASH, Bitcoin Cash/BCH, Stellar/XLM, Ethereum Classic, NEO, EOS, ADA and Zcash; with more available in the near future.

How to place a Trade

To buy and trade cryptocurrency on ZBX you just need to follow the next steps:

  1. Login to your ZBX account
  2. Select the digital asset you wish to trade
  3. In the pop up menu enter amount that you want to purchase
  4. enter your card details on the interface (if you don’t already have a balance in your account) and
  5. confirm via the ‘BUY’ button.


Trading always comes at a cost.

ZBX has quite an original fee structure as they do not divide between takers and makers. Each party to a transaction pays the same fee which is 0.20% of the order value. 

ZBX charges a withdrawal fee amounting to 0.001 BTC when withdrawing BTC.

Withdrawal on ZBX

There do not seem to be any limitations on withdrawals at ZBX.

User Experience on ZBX


It is quite easy to get around the ZBX Exchange once you’ve opened an account. The demo account is also quite straightforward and easy to use. All in all this exchange is recommended for newbies with a seamless transition from the demo to test account. ZBX offers three different platforms for their customers including a Simplify Trading Platform, A Professional Trading Platform as well as a Fiat – Crypto Trading Platform 

Chart Interface

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Complimentary products

Apart from the crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat options, ZBX also offers an OTC service. The physical bank card from Duakscopy Bank is also a considerable plus and opens the doors to many possibilities. ZBX also offers presale services and token listings – all with a rigorous application process.

ZBX provides a wallet for its users to store their digital assets. However, there is no detailed information available on the website about the type of wallet and security measures taken to protect the user’s funds.

Mobile Experience 

The mobile experience is relatively good and compares with the best around.


Standard login security and Two Factor authentication with mobile number is provided. Security is one of the strong points of the ZBX Exchange.


The company is based in Malta with its main office at Portomaso Business Tower with offices in Switzerland and Sweden. There are over 200 employees working for ZBX. The exchange has the bank of the Zb Group which is huge in China. Currently, the exchange is in the application stage for a Class 4 License with the MFSA. 

Constructed with and powered by the technical solutions from Zillion Bits AG – a Swiss-based world leading exchange solution provider, Zillion Bits’ fundamental solution has already been commercially used on several high-ranking exchanges, most notably ZB.com. 

The brains behind ZBX is made up of a dedicated team of experts with a broad understanding of traditional financial services and extensive experience within said industry. Moreover, there are also expertise from team members who are veterans within IT and cryptocurrency sectors.

Support & Social

ZBX has a very active Telegram Channel with well over 2800 users at last count. The chat is very responsive. There is also an online chat support service which is also quite prompt at responding.

Crypto Exchange: Our Rating of ZBX

Although it’s a relatively new exchange that is not operating at full throttle ZBX has several plus points to recommend it. In fact, one of the bigger problems newer exchanges normally have is poor liquidity. 

However, ZBX on the other hand shares liquidity with ZB.com and ZBG. This makes the liquidity on the main tokens traded at the platform unparalleled, to the benefit of both the teams behind the cryptocurrency in question and the users of the platform. This is probably the exchange’s best weapon when compared with other similar exchanges. 

Security seems top notch and the sign on and trading processes are relatively simple to understand. All in all ZBX is an excellent exchange for beginners whilst also providing top notch security and peace of mind.

Trading opportunities