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Primedice Casino review:

In this Prime Dice Casino Review, we give a non-biased review of this casino and share details about features, promotions, and our insights gleaned from their site.

Disclaimer: Gambling comes at your own risk. Do not gamble if you are under 18 and/or with money that you do not have.

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Overview of Primedice Casino review

When it comes to a crypto gambling site with a very polarising style – look no further than the famous Prime Dice. Created in 2013, Prime Dice’s whole product is based on using digital currency, to bet on its original bespoke gambling game – ‘Prime Dice’. The net result, is that Prime Dice casino is a very niche site that will appeal to crypto fans who want to play a gambling game that can be attacked with strategy, thanks to a low house edge. You can deposit and bet with EOS, TRX, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, BTC – so take a look at this intriguing crypto gambling game, with our full Prime Dice casino review.

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Bonuses: Claiming a bonus on Primedice Casino review

Primedice Welcome Bonus

Classic crypto casinos tend to have a raw and functional blockchain look to them, with echoes of  computer whizzes working away in their basement on computer coding. This is definitely the case with Prime Dice – and that’s maybe why there is no registration bonus available at the time of this Prime Dice review. However, what you do get to enjoy, is the VIP club bonuses and low house edge.

VIP bonus club at Prime Dice

When you start playing at Prime Dice, you’ll start earning points, with the VIP club having multiple levels, starting with Bronze and progressing all the way to the Diamond bonus level. Each level of VIP includes a bonus from the Support team in any currency of your choice. The basic Bronze level also has a rakeback (cashback), along with fortnightly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and VIP Telegram channel access. Progressing to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum II-VI and Diamond, will give you enhanced bonuses, promotions, and support.

Prime Dice 1% house edge

As a standalone game, Prime Dice has a low house edge of 1%, which makes it very appealing if you’re looking to bet your cryptocurrency on a game that can be played with strategy. In some respects, this is a significant bonus offered by Prime Dice, since it’s rare to find games that have such provably fair odds.

Playing on Primedice Casino

If you’re seeking a cryptocurrency casino with hundreds or even thousands of slots and casino games, then Prime Dice is unlikely to match your desires. However, if you’re looking for a niche casino that offers a dedicated dice gambling game with the potential for strategic gambling using EOS, TRX, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, BTC – Prime Dice could become a favourite.

Prime Dice

Prime Dice is a fun and intuitive gambling game, where your goal is to bet on the outcome of a dice roll score, which can range from 0-100. Here’s a quick-fire explanation of how to play a round of Prime Dice:

  • Adjust the slider from 0-100 (the more green, the lower the payout but higher the chance)
  • Select your Bet Amount
  • Analyse the Profit on Win
  • Click ‘Roll Dice’
  • The dice score will show on the screen; if you have guessed correctly and the score lands in the ‘green’ zone, you will win the profit shown. If the score is in the red – you’ll lose your stake.
  • You can now start a new round if desired

Betting options  strategy for Prime Dice

Bets on Prime Dice can range from one Satoshi, up to very substantial high-roller levels; the standard (non-jackpot) maximum payout is capped at 30 BTC maximum payout for each bet, so the bet size to reach this amount will depend on the odds of the selected dice roll.

Very few players will realistically be betting with stakes needed to hit the max payouts – so you have a vast amount of flexibility in terms of budget, risk, and potential rewards on winning bets. You can also use autobet settings to optimise your experience control limits.

While Prime Dice is a game of chance, its low house-edge, simplicity, and potential to adjust the betting landscape using the slider, means that many players approach the game with their own systems and strategies. There is no guaranteed system for Prime Dice, and you need to fundamentally manage your budget and use any strategy with due diligence and discipline. Nevertheless,        many players approach this fascinating game with the intent of using logic, statistics, and money management strategies.

Mobile Experience

Prime Dice casino’s simplicity, means it works very smoothly and reliably on mobile devices and offers an ideal immersive game that you can launch anytime, anywhere. The chat and forums are also available via mobile, meaning you can get the full Prime Dice experience.


Prime Dice has Live Chat and email support, plus an excellent range of branded and independent social media channels. The Prime Dice forum is also well worth taking a look at; it includes success stories of real players using strategy to try and gain success from betting on Prime Dice.

  • Live Chat
  • Email – support@primedice.com
  • English, German, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian
  • Twitter – primedice
  • Instagram – officialprimedice/
  • Facebook – officialprimedice
  • Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Primedice
  • Bitcointalk – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0
  • Forum – https://forum.primedice.com
  • Blog – https://blog.primedice.com

Withdrawal on Primedice Casino 

You can withdraw on Prime Dice using the same cryptocurrencies that you can fund your account with – EOS, TRX, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, BTC. Prime Dice’s cashier offers you instant withdrawals and no maximum limits, but there are small fees applied per transaction, so it’s advantageous to make your withdrawals larger and infrequent.

  • BTC: 0.002 (fee 0.00005 BTC) – No max
  • LTC: 0.25 (fee 0.0005 LTC) – No max
  • ETH: 0.06 (fee 0.0002 ETH) – No max
  • BCH: 0.05 (fee 0.00001 BCH) – No max
  • DOGE: 2000 (fee 1.5 DOGE) – No max
  • XRP: 50 (fee 0.00010000 XRP) – No max
  • TRX: 750 (fee 1 TRX) – No max
  • EOS: 4 (fee 0.1 EOS) – No max

Promotions on Primedice Casino 

Prime Dice offers some interesting bonus promotions, including the Prime Dice Jackpot, which continues to be a key part of the site, at the time of this Prime Dice review.

Prime Dice Jackpot

Prime Dice has a special Jackpot that builds-up in real-time. To win the Jackpot, you need to roll 77.77 twice in a row. The amount of the jackpot won depends on how much you bet:

Over 0.01 BTC: 100%

Over 0.001 BTC 10%

Over 0.0001 BTC 1%

If you win, you must immediately contact the customer support team via [email protected] or on Bitcointalk, Facebook or Twitter. You must also not change your seed.

Primedice Casino review: Our Rating

Prime Dice is a polarising cryptocurrency gambling site that you’re likely to either love, or want to take a pass-on. After all, with just the one game at Prime Dice, your options are limited. However, if it matches your style, then Prime Dice is an intuitively simple and brilliant gambling game, playable with a huge range of crypto bets and strategies. It would be nice to see some more crypto games launched by Prime Dice. But with a low house edge, social chat, provably fair betting and VIP rewards, Prime Dice reamins a very interesting site for crypto bettors.

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