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Cashgames.bitcoin.com Casino Review

In this Cashgames.bitcoin.com Casino Review we give a non biased review of Cashgames.bitcoin.com a bitcoin casino and share details about features, promotions and our insights we observed from their site.

Disclaimer: Gambling comes at your own risk. Do not gamble if you are under 18 and/or with money that you do not have. 

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QUICK FACTS – Cashgames.bitcoin.com

0% Cashback
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SIGN UP BONUS on Cashgames.bitcoin.com

At this point there do not appear to be any bonuses on the Cashgames.Bitcoin.com casino. There are the usual rolling jackpots but none in the shape of sign up bonuses.

Overview of Cashgames.bitcoin.com

Cashgames.bitcoin.com is a casino which uses Bitcoin Cash as its main deposit method. It’s an interesting casino with all the usual slot games and excellent graphics throughout. Obviously it promotes BCH as its main deposit currency and has a wide variety of games including slots, poker, roulette and Blackjack

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Welcome Bonus

15% Cashback

$50 or more to get 15% cashback on all slot games

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Bonuses: Claiming a bonus on cashgames.bitcoin.com Casino

At this point there do not appear to be any bonuses on the Cashgames.Bitcoin.com casino. There are the usual rolling jackpots but none in the shape of sign up bonuses.

Playing on cashgames.bitcoin.com


Playing on Cashgames.bitcoin.com is a pretty straightforward experience and this makes the site experience. The casino standard games you’d typically find in a casino so: Slots, Videopoker Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Keno, and Dice. Playing is simple and is similar to all online casinos. 

Mobile Experience

The mobile experience is quite similar to the main website although it isn’t that user friendly


Support is only via email and this appears to be one of the main weak links of the Cashgames casino.

Withdrawal on Cashgames.bitcoin.com

Withdrawal on Cashgames is a pretty simple process. You can ash out whenever you want to and receive your winnings in an instant.

Or, if you don’t want to cash out right away, you can leave your winnings in the secure online casino and come back to them when you’re ready.

The next time you visit  via your unique URL, you’ll get access to any unspent deposits and winnings in your account.

Withdrawal is done by the usual method of transferring to your BCH wallet address.

Promotions on Cashgames.bitcoin.com

The main promotion on this casino is the Bitcoin.com Cash Games promotion.

This promotion allows 10 player to win $1,000 in BCH in prizes every week. It is based on a leaderboard of players who play and win on Slots, Roulette, Keno and Satoshi Circle Cash Games. The first prize is $200, and all prizes are paid in bitcoin cash. To receive winnings players simply provide and email to which their prize is received. 

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Cashgames.bitcoin.com Casino Review: Our Rating

This Cashgames.bitcoin.com Casino Review is a pretty basic casino by industry standards, the links to bitcoin cash are dominant in terms of how promo winnings are cashed out. If you are looking for a simple no thrills crypto casino then this one is certainly worth a try.

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